Video Marketing - Case Study

The Case

An organization from the Southeast with an annual budget of $53.3K USD partnered with Pinpoint to increase brand awareness and overall product sales. Their intended strategy was to highlight outcomes beneficial to their customers through a micro-focused video marketing campaign.

The Campaign

Pinpoint created and launched the organization’s campaign using a responsive video advertisement with a focus on brand authenticity. The reason we chose this focus was because our belief was that if the audience could relate to the brand and the message, then conversion would be more likely.

Responsive video advertising was chosen for two reasons:

  • As a medium the average cost of interaction is dramatically lower for responsive advertisements compared to similar search advertisements.
  • Responsive video advertising is also a very reliable way to exceed interaction benchmarks.

Table 1. Southeast Responsive Video Ad – Campaign Results

Responsive video advertising was chosen for two reasons:

In the first two minutes following the launch, the campaign went viral in the targeted locations. In the following months, the organization reported a sizable increase in overall visitors to their website. They also reported an increase in revenue that surpassed the benchmark set in the original campaign goals.

Benchmarks Achieved:

  • (46.3%) Increase in new visitor traffic
  • (17%) Increase in quarterly sales

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