Paid Social - Case Study

The Case

In 2020, Pinpoint was approached by a small, non-profit organization in the South who wanted to raise their brand awareness, in a compelling way, and in the end, increase overall traffic to their website. The organization tasked Pinpoint with creating, implementing and managing a paid social media campaign.

The Campaign

The social media team examined the organizations’ target audience, existing content, and relevant streams. After discovery, their conclusion was that the campaign should be implemented on Facebook and Instagram with a focus on three categories of high-engagement content.

High-Engagement Content Includes:

  • Correlation between product and season
  • Correlation between product and special dates (holidays, current events, etc.)
  • Correlation between product and pop culture

With defined mediums and overall strategy in place, the team built a social media post calendar and scheduled out posts to test engagement for each of the three content categories. Over the first month, they deployed a wide variety of content assets – images, videos, GIFS, tags and messaging – across both social channels, and monitored relevant analytics to identify which content categories and individual posts were most successful at engaging targeted audiences.

Once the most successful content was identified, the team built and launched paid social media advertisements around that content, with the organization’s budget in mind. The team would continue to track the progress and make real-time adjustments throughout the duration of the year-long campaign. This was done to ensure that, at all times, the campaign’s progress was in-line to meet and exceed the client’s original goals.

The Results

Following the year-long campaign, the organization reported that it was pleased with the outcomes. Each of their benchmark goals had been met or surpassed by the Pinpoint Social Media team, and they elected to become an ongoing client.

Benchmarks Achieved:

  • 3,500+ New “Likes” on Facebook in 2020; 3795 new “Likes” added in 2021
  • Paid Facebook Advertisements in 2020 reached 50,000+ users, and made 111,300,00+ Impressions
  • Paid Facebook Advertisements in 2021 reached 57,000+ users, and made 306,300,000+ Impressions (175.3% increase from 2020)
  • 10k+ Unique Engagements Across Facebook and Instagram (492% increase from the initial status) (Is this 10k new engagements? What is the percent of change from before we started to after our campaign was mature)
  • 5k+ Website Visits From Social Media Links (500% increase from the initial status)What is the percent of change from before we started to after our campaign was mature)
  • Average yearly spend for Paid Social campaign: $4724.50USD

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