Organic Social - Case Study

The Case

In June of 2021, Pinpoint was tasked with revamping the Instagram account of a large, but niche creative services provider. The client had a long track record of success, but had depended solely on referrals and partnerships to drive sales. As they created new services to pivot more towards attracting independent and individual consumers, they found that they needed to establish a brand identity on relevant social media platforms. Their Facebook channel was established, but their Instagram account was completely empty and unused. They asked Pinpoint to take control of the account, establish a brand identity, implement a content strategy to cultivate followers, drive traffic to the website and educate their target audience on their services.

The Campaign

The social media team examined the company’s target audience, existing content, and relevant streams. Their conclusion was that the foundational objectives of this project would be:

  • Create a brand style book for both social post messaging and aesthetic
  • Build and follow a consistent social media schedule
  • Gear content towards targeted services + general brand education
  • Gain followers through engagements, re-posts on Story, tags and follow-for-follow strategy
  • Establish a Linktree

Benchmarks for 6 month campaign:

  • Increase followers by 400%
  • Generate Four Legitimate Sales Leads from Instagram
  • Establish a branded “grid”
  • Post 3x a week/72 posts total
  • 100% increase in engagements (63 total pre-campaign period) across two 90-periods.

The Results

Following the six-month long campaign, the company reported that it was very pleased with the outcomes. Each of their benchmark goals had been surpassed by the Pinpoint Social Media team. They signed on for another year of social media management

Benchmarks Achieved:

  • 963% total increase in followers in six months
  • 6 sales leads generated from Instagram via Linktree
  • Brand Grid Created and Sustained across six month period (See image)
  • 72 posts made, 148 accounts engaged in period one (237%); 167 accounts engaged in period two (114%)

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