Creative Content - Case Study​

The Case

In 2021, Pinpoint was approached by a law firm in Florida who wanted to rebrand their firm and drive more organic traffic to their site. While the Pinpoint web development team handled the website build and re-brand, our creative content was tasked with providing optimized page content and blogs to help grow the firm’s SEO.

The Campaign

Our team of content specialists got to work researching and identifying vast amounts of keywords to ensure that the firm’s website would not only be found, but would be found by the right users. Utilizing competitor statistics, creativity and crisp copy, our team came up with a content strategy that would help drive traffic to the website and increase overall brand awareness for the law firm.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Develop a content schedule, keyword roster and plan for cross-channel integration
  • Fill all main pages and subpages on the website with SEO-optimized content
  • Fill all main pages and subpages on the website with SEO-optimized content
  • Post two blogs a week on the website for one year using keywords geared towards the targeted audiences
  • Handle cross-channel posting, adding blogs to relevant social media channels and keeping those accounts up to date with timely articles related to the firms’ specialty.
  • Enhance the profile
  • Identify sites with a DA 20+ to ensure an authoritative but natural backlink profile is built

Benchmarks for campaign:

  • Double the number of organic keywords on website
  • Increase traffic to website by 50% each quarter
  • Fill all main pages and subpages on the website with SEO-optimized content
  • Increase social media impressions and followers by 50% each quarter

The Results

Over the first five months of the campaign, the firm saw incredible, sustained growth in traffic and a reduction in overall bounce rate. While the team needed some time to make adjustments to the campaign strategy, by the end of the year, all benchmarks were made and the year-ending organic value of their domain reached an all-time high of $10,000.

Benchmarks Achieved Within 5 Months:

  • 478% increase in valuable keywords
  • 151.16% increase in organic users (14,464 new users )
  • 17% reduction in bounce rate
  • 16.67% increase in Instagram Impressions
  • 892 added followers on Instagram

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